Over 100 years of successful investments

Hereditas Ltd is managing EUR around 250 mil in assets based on time-tested traditions and values. The company’s values are built on professionalism,a long term outlook and reliability, and its communications are transparent, clear and consistent to all shareholders.

  • -6,1 %

    Return 2022

  • 8,8 %

    Yearly return 2017-2021

  • 253,4 M€

    Portfolio size 31.12.2021

  • 1905


  • 2016

    Became ltd

Investment philosophy and return targets

Investment philosophy

The goal of the investing activities is to create the conditions for solid returns on investment and to enable consistent dividends to shareholders.

The total return on investment is optimized through long-term, strategic allocation and tactical decisions based on market conditions. The objective is to achieve an annual total yield of 5-8% of net asset value.

The investments comprise equities, fixed income and alternative investments. The aim is to build a well diversified portfolio, which covers various asset classes and geographical areas. Equities and equity related instruments are generally the most significant asset classes. When making investments decisions, ESG-criteria and sustainability is also taken into account.

The Board drafts a detailed annual investment strategy. This specifies, for instance, the strategic asset allocation, cutoff points and limits, while also identifying and analyzing investment risks. The annual investment strategy can be found in the annual report.

Target yield

The target yield is 3-5% of net asset value to shareholders. The intention is that the yield is stable and slowly increasing. The yield may be in the form of dividends, capital repayments, or a combination of both.


Hereditas was funded in 1905, read more about our history here

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