Information about Hereditas shares

Life Annuity Institution Hereditas Ltd is an unlisted company with one series of shares. Each share carries one vote.

Number of shares: 61,791,031

ISIN: FI4000219811

Historic net asset value


For more detailed quarterly information, please consult our portfolio reports: Portfolio report and investments

Holding of own shares

Hereditas held 1,054,457 of its own shares on 31 December 2021. No dividend is paid on the shares held by Hereditas. If Hereditas purchases its own shares at a discount compared to the net asset value, the net asset value of the other shares increases.

Dividend policy

Dividendhistorik.jpg#asset:6568Hereditas' dividend history 2009-2021 (2009-2015 life annuity)

Hereditas pays a dividend once a year. The goal is to annually distribute 3–5% of the net asset value to shareholders, as well as to ensure a stable and gradually increasing distribution. The distribution can take the form of dividends, capital repayment, or a combination of the two. The sum of distributions and share repurchases must not exceed 8% of the mathematical value of the share in taxation.

Frequently asked questions

How are the shares registered?

Around 3–4% of Hereditas shares remain unregistered since the company’s shares were entered in the Euroclear book-entry system. We ask shareholders who have not yet registered their shares to contact Aktia Bank’s customer service at +358 10 247 010 for help with registering the shares. From 30.11.2026 the General Meeting may decide that the right to the share recorded in the book-entry system and the rights carried by it have been forfeited for shares that has not been registered to the book-entry system. Shares should be registered before that date.

How are Hereditas shares taxed?

Hereditas does not provide taxation advice to its shareholders.

Where can I buy/sell Hereditas shares?

Considering that Hereditas is an unlisted company, the company’s shares are traded quite actively. For example, more than 2 million shares changed owners in 2021.

Hereditas is not involved in the trading of its own shares. We know two brokers who trade relatively frequently in Hereditas shares: Hans Segercrantz from United Bankers and Ville Takala from Pareto. They can be contacted at: and Hereditas do not have an agreement with these brokers and do not have any responsibility for trades with the company’s shares.